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Invest in Dutch Real Estate - Rotterdam

Interested in buying (Dutch) Real Estate in Rotterdam - the Netherlands? Choose Beleggingspand Rotterdam as your Dutch real estate agency.


Beleggingspand Rotterdam (Invest in Dutch Real Estate) is a real estate agency in Rotterdam. We are specialised in buying and selling property in Rotterdam and Rotterdam area, and have a personal background in the UK.

Contact us directly via frank@beleggingspandrotterdam.nl or call + 31 (0)10 - 2133649.


The focus of our activities is mainly on the Rotterdam area. Typical estate investments include small to medium sized residential apartment blocks. Those blocks consist of multiple apartments, commercial properties such as shops and industrial warehousing units.


Beleggingspand Rotterdam is the largest real estate broker for investment properties in Rotterdam. We know Rotterdam. We conduct over 45 sales a year and have 16 years of experience in the Dutch real estate market – Rotterdam and surrounding area. Our unique market approach is that we combine online and offline marketing. We use our network of 6.100 mail subscribers interested in our real estate, or sell discretely one-on-one. Our main focus: making the best deals for our clients. 


  • We search for property that match the demands of our clients
  • We make use of online and offline advertising
  • We have an acquisition program in which we can approach 6.100 property owners
  • We assist with the valuation of property
  • We negotiate the price for our clients
  • We take care of the assessment of the contracts

Are you interested in investing in Dutch real estate in Rotterdam? Please contact me - Frank Haver - owner Beleggingspand Rotterdam - directly via + 31 (0)10 - 2133649.

Customer Reviews Beleggingspand Rotterdam

Recently we sold our investment together with Beleggingspand Rotterdam. Contact has been pleasant all times. Easy to get in contact, friendly and to the point. Really positive.

Seller propery (2 houses, 3 layers) -
Spanjaardstraat Rotterdam - West (2020)

My experiences with you were teriffic! Your approach is honest and transparant. We were kept up-to-date during the entire process. I would really recommend Beleggingspand to other people. 

Seller entire building (pub + 2 appartments) -
Claes de Vrieslaan Rotterdam (2019)

Frank has helped me good and rapidly when selling my small investment. Allthought I am just a small-scale investor in real estate, Frank took all the time neccessary for making the transaction a succes. And he knows all of Rotterdam.

Seller rented house consisting of 5 student rooms - Aleidisstraat Rotterdam (2019) 

Buy Real Estate Rotterdam

* Description in Dutch language - Use Google Translate for translation 

Te koop
Rotterdam Vierambachtsstraat 100 - 102 - 104 € 1.575.000 k.k.
Te koop
Rotterdam Wevershoekstraat 63 AB € 550.000 k.k.
Te koop
Rotterdam Jaersveltstraat 82 ABC € 545.000 k.k.